Sunday, September 27, 2015

Role Model: Kate Middleton

There are so many role models out there for ladies-in-training, and who better than Her Highness, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge? Ever since the Royal Wedding, pictures are flooding in of what she ate, who she wore, what she did, and how she acted. I will preface this by saying that I am firmly for privacy, and make it a point not to immerse myself in tabloids and tattlers, but in this day and age it is all but impossible not to know which DVF dress she wore where, and what Karl Lagerfield especially designed for her. And in all of these things, one thing stands clear: Princess Kate has style. But it is more than that. She carries herself well, shoulders back, head high, smile firmly in place. She never stumbles or stutters, always perfectly composed and aware of everything going in around her. And she is modest. Her clothing always covers her properly, with no "mishaps" or accidents because she didn't cover all of herself. But at the same time, she is in no way dowdy or matronly. Rather, she looks young and fresh, while still being modest and holding on to some old-fashioned values that we all could learn from.
So, here are a few tips that I have personally found helpful. As always, not every one will apply to you and your situation, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, and I will help if I can. That said, here goes:
1.) Nude. The colour nude, especially a warm or pink-toned shade, is something every woman should have in her repetoir. Lipsticks, heels, and nails all can be very flattering in nude and, should you choose the right shade, can completely pull a look together and give it a more modern feel. Invest in some good nudes, because they go with everything. Literally.
2.) The "one inch" rule. The hem of any skirt, suit, dress, or even shorts, should usually be within one inch of your knee. Whether that be above the knee or below, going more than one inch in either direction is rarely a good idea- and should be left to the professionals. Not sure if your skirt is modest enough? If this is the case, put it back. When in doubt, throw it out; it is better to err on the side of caution- there are many classic phrases that tell us that for centuries this approach has worked. No need to change that now! And no-one ever said being a lady would be easy. Sometimes it calls for us to sacrifice that sexy bodycon for a streamlined skirt suit. Trust me, you will thank me later.
3.) Always have a statement piece. If you are like me, then you don't have an endless bamk account. However, whenever possible, as I always say, buy quality. So what to do if you only have  $50 to spend? Buy neutrals and classics. Greys, browns, blacks, whites, and tans are all easy to find and to mix and match so that you can get the optimum amount of outfits from your clothes. Buying items like a well-cut suit, nude pumps, and a classic LBD, will make your wardrobe decisions easier, if a little bland. Add a pop of colour with a bright scarf, tights, or a hat, and you are set.
I suppose the point of all of this is, being modest is part of being a lady. So take a lesson from a real, world-class lady, and learn a thing or two.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


There are so many facets of what it takes to be a lady. I can't even go into all of them now, because it would take too much time. As a matter of fact, I don't think anyone could ennumerate the different facets of being in lady. However, here is a link to something that I think is rather important: being a woman who isn't afraid to kick some butts and take some names to get what she wants.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Reese Witherspoon

Creating a cultural icon out of someone who goes, "I'm stupid, isn't it cute?" makes me want to throw daggers. I want to say to them, 'My grandma did not fight for what she fought for just so you can start telling women it's fun to be stupid. Saying that to young women, little girls, my daughter? It's not okay.'"

Jordan Christy, How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World

If I wouldn't say this in front of my grandmother, I probably shouldn't say it at all.

Ann Radcliffe

A well-informed mind is the best security against the contagion of folly and of vice. The vacant mind is ever on the watch for relief, and ready to plunge into error.

George Eliot

Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, abstains from giving us wordy evidence of the fact.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Louisa May Alcott

You have a good many little gifts and virtues, but there is no need of parading them, for conceit spoils the finest of genius... the great charm of all power is modesty.

Lauren Graham

Perspective is the most important thing to have in life.

Hayden Pannetierre

I think, now more than ever, young girls need a good role model. My mom always says, "you are the books you read and the people you surround yourself with."

Jordan Christy, How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World

We'll probably never be able to escape (Stupid Girls) or change them, but we can certainly step up our game and provide a glowimg example of what an It Girl should be- confident, chic, and clever.

Jordan Christy, How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World

The minute you hoist that stiletto heel up onto the barstool upholstery, you have crossed into Stupid Girl territory.