Thursday, May 14, 2015

Introduction the the "Entertaining" section; Amy Vanderbilt, The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Ettiquette- A Guide to Contemporary Living, Revised and Expanded by Letitia Baldrige

One of the most important facets in one's life is knowing how to entertain. Whether you live in a one room apartment with an annual income of $6, 500 or whether you live on an estate with an annual income of $300,000, the spirit of entertaining is the same. It is simply giving pleasure to others
It is a gift to know how to entertain well. It is also one of the most creative actions we carry out in our life. Possessing wealth does not automatically ensure being a good host, because affluence has nothing to do with a desire to please others, to be at ease with others, to be warm and welcoming.
If the host and hostess plan well in advance, even the most minute details; if they carefully compose their guest list; and if they look forward to an opportunity to please others, then the party will be a success. Weather trained staff past platters of roast pheasant, or whether the guest helps himself to a casserole of stew, it is the attitude in the home that counts, the spirit, the atmosphere of real warmth.
Above all, remember one thing: entertaine is not easy. There is no such thing as the "Party-giving is a snap" hostess. Attention to detail, a continuing awareness of how the party is progressing and how the guests are feeling, requires constant alertness. This does not mean that one should be a nervous Nelly with you about like a bird in frenetic, useless activity, but it does mean keeping an eye on all the details. It is no contradiction to say that you can work hard at your own party and still enjoyed it tremendously.
Giving a good party is a creative achievement. It is also very satisfying to know that you have given your friends pleasure.

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