Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Just a thought

So I just spent this morning in a tightly-packed sedan with a group of women who spent the better part of four hours talking down to me, not including me in their plans, laughing at me, and making me, in general, dislike them and myself. So, a note. Firstly, please notice that I did not refer to these people as ladies. Their conduct was abhorrent. Secondarily, whether I am "beneath" them or not is of no matter: no-one should be treated that way. Thirdly, people don't forget when this is done to them. They may keep quiet, miserable and hateful, but if they had a chance, many people would find it difficult to pass on an opportunity to repay the treatment. And finally. These harsh words were from people I knew well, among them my sister, a girl I grew up with, and a more recent friend. It is difficult to keep from believing these people when they seem to want you to feel like baggage. But there are a few adages I like to keep in mind for such situations:
You are not considered a good person by how you treat your superiors. You are considered to be a good person by how you treat those beneath you.
Do to others what you would like to be done to you, if the situation were reversed.
Do not let the circumstances surrounding you define how you act: a lady proves she is a lady when she acts properly despite intervening circumstances.
And, finally, to quote Shakespeare: "all the glitters is not gold."

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